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Fantastic Feng Shui for Your Office

By Trish H on Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We all face challenges at work from time to time, but sometimes we might feel that something isn’t working well for us without really understanding why. Could it be that our things and our furniture are not arranged in the manner that best matches our needs?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that originated between 2000 and 4000 years ago. It has really grown in popularity in recent years, and particularly in western culture. Feng is the Chinese word for wind, and shui is the Chinese word for water. According to the teachings of feng shui, your space has a spirit that affects your health and wellbeing, and this “spirit” can either be positive or negative to your own spirit and your career. The good news is that you can change and direct it!

The more one learns about feng shui, the more one begins to see that there is a lot to learn. That said; there are definitely key principles and guidelines which offer a great starting point.

Free yourself of things you’re not using—that is, “clutter.”

This might seem very basic and like just plain common sense—and it is. Work on better organization and remove the things that are not helping your workflow. By creating a well-organized and tidy space, you are bound to be more productive. Having the right desk, bookcases, and places to put things helps a lot.

The Command Position

The way that your desk is arranged is very important, and this is referred to as the “command position.” Having an open space in front of you and a good, clear view of the door is the best scenario as well as having a solid wall to your back. If you can control where your office is located in your home, think about the type of work that you do. If your work tends to be more thoughtful and creative, then it is best to have your office toward the back of your home where things are quieter. If your work is more action-oriented, then it’s better to be toward the front of the home where things are probably a bit livelier.

Furniture Choices

Feng shui teachings recommend furniture with rounded corners for creating harmony, as it is said that sharp angles can create irritation or discord.

Your Chair

Think of it as a throne. Your chair should be highly ergonomic, and of course, this is simply better for your health, in general.

  • Red is the color of fame and career, so if you have an area that incorporates the color red (or includes red items), this will be a good place for awards, certifications and perhaps inspirational quotes. It is said that red can also help you realize your passions.
  • Purple: The color purple represents wealth and opulence, so this is great are to put things such as banking files and other financial items. It is also suggested to have a little bamboo garden in this area.
  • Blues, Greens and BlacksThese are colors that are tied to self-cultivation and knowledge, and so would be a good place for art, favorite books and reference materials. Perhaps you could start with a bookcase.

Feng shui teachings also encourage us to reflect on our intent when it comes to our work. What are we trying to achieve, and how does it affect our spirit and those that we interact with? Perhaps most importantly, be good to yourself!

For more information about feng shui for the office: Feng shui Tips for 2013 and Workplace Winners

Trish Hundhausen


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