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Creating a Personal Mission Statement

By Rachel Bindl

Make 2014 an amazing, productive year with a personal mission statement


A mission statement – it is something that every business has, regardless of its size, its product or its industry. Mission statements help to keep your business on track towards accomplishing its goals and are therefore an important part of both starting and maintaining your business’s growth. Have you ever thought of creating a mission statement for yourself? You may want to.

With the New Year of 2014 before us, New Year’s resolutions are everywhere. Maybe you diligently craft a list or maybe you’re a little bit more laid back. Maybe you don’t make any at all because of previous failures. Whatever the case may be, resolutions are all about goals. Goals are great to have, but you’re going to need to have purpose behind those goals if you want any chance of succeeding.

Personal mission statements can be incredibly helpful for setting and accomplishing goals that are aligned with your overall individual purpose. And, as we all need supporting systems in order to reach our goals, personal mission statements can help you determine what fitting system you should use in order to accomplish your goals.

Personal Mission Statements Can Benefit Everyone

For a business owner or an entrepreneur, personal mission statements can also help to keep your business brand and its goals in step with your own initial purpose. That said, every individual, from the CEO to the freelance blogger, can benefit from creating their own individual mission statement as it provides direction, focus and motivation for the future.

So How Do You Get Started?

Start by scheduling a good portion of time devoted to crafting it. You don’t want to have to rush through it. Now, right on the cusp of 2013 transitioning into 2014, is truly the perfect time to craft your personal statement. Now that you’ve got time set aside, it’s important to note that there is not an exact model that you have to follow. This is, after all, a personal statement – you can make it how you want it.

The Vital Elements

However, there are a few vital elements that you should include. Listing out your values is one of these elements. Be specific. And be honest – think about where you actually want to invest your money, time and energy. Include supporting systems too – that is, include how you plan to act on these values/what you can do to promote them. Another element is setting goals for yourself. Keep them realistic and include the supporting systems you’re going to use to actual achieve these goals.

Some More Resources

If this article has successfully convinced you to write a personal mission statement (which I hope it has!), here are some further examples personal mission statements to give you a better idea of how you can creatively craft your own to best suit you.

  1. This creative example right at the top of this blog post by The Impact Innovators, which served as the inspiration for this post, shows just how custom you can make your own personal mission statement.
  2. There’s also a really handy tool that let’s you easily create a personal mission statement online.

By Rachel Bindl, SEO writer and blogger at OfficeFurniture.com.


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