10 Festive Ways to Celebrate Groundhog's Day

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Groundhog's Day is quickly approaching (February 2nd for those of you that don't remember). Will Phil see his shadow? Or will we get more spring? We'll see! Below we've listed ten ways to celebrate this fun holiday.

1.) Read about the history of the holiday and how it started

The history page on groundhog.org is a good place to start.

2.) Watch and see whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow on TV

There isn't a better way to celebrate the main holiday event (other than being there in person) than watching Punxsutawney Phil predict whether we'll have six more weeks of winter or spring.

Image Source: usatoday.com

3.) Watch the movie Groundhog Day

Watch the 1993 movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. This one is a classic and a must!

Image Source: bustle.com

4.) Start a Betting Pool

As long as you're over the age of 18, this is a fun little way to have a friendly competition and bet with your family and/or friends on whether Phil will see his shadow or not. If I were a betting woman, I'd say that Phil sees his shadow based on the statistics :)

5.) Celebrate with food

Did someone say food? Who really needs a reason to celebrate and eat some food! And the cute cupcakes pictured below are one of the many groundhog-themed cupcakes you could make (and you can grab the recipe here).

Image Source: bustle.com

6.) Take the Groundhog Day Quiz

This is a fun way to test your Groundhog Day knowledge. Take the quiz here.

7.) Start your day off with Groundhog pancakes

This Groundhog Day pancake recipe will be an instant hit with the kids (or your inner child :). Find the instructions here.

Image Source: simpleandseasonal.com

8.) Go on a nature walk

If groundhogs are native to your environment, then what better way to celebrate groundhog's day than to go on a walk in nature to look for groundhogs. If you're with a group of people, make a game of it and see who can find the most groundhogs!

9.) Look for local festivities

Another fun way to celebrate Groundhog's Day is to see what your town is up to. Many cities across the Unites States put on their own festivities to celebrate the day.

10.) Decorate your office/house

Let your creativity show by decorating your office, cubicle, or home in a "Punxsutawney forest" or "spring/winter" theme. This fun activity to celebrate Groundhog's Day, is easy, and can be as detailed as you'd like, but all you really need is some construction paper and cutting skills to create a few decorations.


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