5 Tips for an Organized Workplace Summer BBQ

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Summer workplace barbecues are not only a great activity for your company during the nice warm weather, but they're also great ways to allow people from different areas of the company mingle and get to know one each other while enjoying some food and fun.

Below are five tips to help you plan an organized and successful work cookout!

1.) Pre-Plan for a Successful Turnout

It goes without saying, but luck favors the prepared. The more planning that goes into your summer BBQ, the more likely it will turn out successfully. No matter how small your company barbecue, scheduling out your company BBQ at least a few weeks out will give you the adequate amount of time to plan for everything.

2.) Keep Food Safety In Mind

Food safety is an often overlooked part of workplace summer barbecue planning, but is a very important thing to keep in mind. Below are three food safety tips to keep in mind when planning your summer barbecue party:

  • - Keep beverages and the meat for grilling in separate coolers. This will avoid cross-contamination between the two and prevent people from getting sick.
  • - Buy an extra bag of ice for people to use in their drinks. Rather than using the ice keeping the beverages cold, having a separate ice bag just for drinks will avoid germs and bacteria getting into people's beverages from using the cooler ice.
  • - Make sure to bring separate utensils when handling raw and cooked meats. This is another good measure to follow to avoid cross contamination.

3.) Plan for Alcohol

Whether or not your company will be providing/allowing alcohol at the summer barbecue, make sure to set rules. A party can get quickly out of control if rules and limits aren't set in place beforehand, so make sure everyone is clear on what those are to avoid any issues later on.

4.) Take Weather Considerations Into Account

We all know the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Make sure you plan for this when planning your summer party. If you're having it at the office, take into account the possibility of rain by having tents on hand or access to the company cafeteria or breakroom area just in case you need it.

If you're hosting your company barbecue offsite, say at a park, consider bringing tents or hosting the party at the park's pavilion.

5.) Have Plenty of Activities

Games are often planned for, but not all of the time! Instead of having individual games, consider having a mixture of games that are team-oriented as well.

Below are just a few ideas of outdoor games for the company cookout:

  • - Badmitten
  • - Water balloon toss
  • - Bean bag toss (cornhole toss)
  • - Giant Jenga

The list of games are endless, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas to get the wheels turning!

That wraps up our five tips to help you plan for a fun and successful summer barbecue. Do you have any tips on things that have worked well for you when planning for a successful summer cookout? Leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!



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