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Whether you’re decorating a brand new breakroom or redesigning your old one, choose widely. The office breakroom is a hub of activity. It’s the office oasis—a home away from home. Outfitting your cafeteria in furniture and décor that works is a great way to welcome employees to relax in the space. Before you pull out your credit card, read our guide to breakroom furniture to discover what furniture and accessories are right for your business.

Breakroom Tables

“What kind of tables should I buy for my breakroom?” It’s a question we’re often asked when it comes to cafeteria design. The answer? It depends. The size of your breakroom and the quantity of employees you need to accommodate will be major factors in determining what type of tables you buy. For example, if you’re outfitting a large breakroom that needs to accommodate 100 or more people, your options are pretty endless. We recommend using a mix of small and large tables in standard and café heights. This will provide your employees with what they want the most—a choice. If you’re working within the confines of a smaller space, your options are more limited. We recommend going with round tables which create more visual space in a room, but you should still provide tables in both standard and café heights to allow employees to choose their preferred place to sit. Coffee and end tables are also a smart choice for any lounge area that could use a taste of home.

Breakroom Seating

Tables and chairs go hand-in-hand, so don’t choose one without the other. Standard height tables will need standard height chairs, and café height tables will need café height stools. If you have a bar in your cafeteria, be sure to know the difference between bar height and counter height stools. We recommend selecting seating in an easy-to-clean material such as laminate, plastic or metal. If your breakroom has an unused open area, consider bringing sofas and chairs into the space to create a cozy lounge area for employees to enjoy.

Breakroom Storage

It’s no secret that lunchrooms require a ton of storage space. After all, you need room for all those dishes, cookware and miscellaneous items that are frequently used in a breakroom. Don’t forget the coffee! Incorporate kitchen storage for housing dishes and supplies. A bar cart is a great option for keeping small items that need to be moved around the room often. A refrigerator or two will keep employee lunches fresh. Coat racks are ideal for providing a space for employees to hang jackets before they eat. A storage ottoman provides space for keeping magazines and other reading materials.

Breakroom Accessories

Don’t forget the small stuff! Equip your breakroom with waste and recycling receptacles, floor mats and cleaning supplies to keep it clean and hygienic. Be sure to inform employees regarding what’s expected in the lunchroom. For example, if you expect employees to wipe their shoes on your entryway rug, let them know that’s why it’s there. If employees are required to wipe down their table after a meal, let them know where they can find your office cleaning supplies. Good communication goes a long way when it comes to the upkeep of your cafeteria.

Breakroom Décor

While accessories have practical applications, décor is mostly an emotional component of a breakroom that can help improve an employee’s sense of relaxation and happiness over their lunch hour. Dress up your blank walls with a splash of artwork that reflects your business and how you want your employees to feel. Nature scenes and employee photos are common choices. To bring a more resimercial vibe into the space, opt for a charming area rug or throw pillows. Smaller décor items such as table centerpieces, vases and statues can also help enhance the look of the breakroom, making it a more welcoming space.

Still need help finding the right breakroom furniture for your office? Peruse our full selection of breakroom furniture here.

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