Office Moving Checklist Part II: Budgeting Your Office Move

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You may have recently seen our 5-Step Office Move Checklist, if not, make sure you check it out. Today's blog post is part II in this 5-part blog series where we're breaking down the checklist into five bite-sized chunks.

With that, let's talk about budgeting for your office move!

Phase II: Budgeting Your Office Move

Budgeting for your move is probably the most important thing in a move, because without money or enough, no one is going anywhere and things will fall through the cracks very quickly. Some things to think about to help you build out a budget include:

  • - Estimating the cost per employee for the move
  • - Costs to hire an interior designer and/or project planner
  • - Costs to move or get rid of old furniture
  • - Financing options for new furniture
  • - Cost to hire a professional moving company
  • - Cost of new building rent, construction, labor, and building materials

Do you need a designer? Can you take care of it in-house? Old or new furniture? etc. Of course, this all depends on your business's specific needs. The sooner you plan for it the better before you start blowing up the budget later on and begging for forgiveness.

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