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The office environment is always evolving. What used to be preferred 25 years ago, let alone five years ago, is no longer the case. And according to a recent workplace design study, younger generations (the future workforce) find value in office design and aesthetics more than previous generations.

So as a business owner or manager, which office design do you go with? Open concept? Closed concept? Somewhere in between?

According to, a key takeaway from U.S. based workplace consultancy Stegmeier Consulting Group's research findings, the trend of open work environments is here to stay.

After analyzing that statement from the study, here at, we agree to an extent. Yes, we think that the open office trend isn't going away anytime soon, but it is also changing. Instead of seeing people request workstations and desks that compliment an open floor plan, there seem to be more requests for help to accommodate a combination of open and private areas within the office design.

Personally, I don't think it'll ever be one way or the other, but rather an evolution of the modern office design to accommodate different types of working styles. With that, we'll kick it off with some of our furniture that will help you design your office that accommodates a collaborative and open plan design.

Reveal Collection

The Reveal Collection by Officient is one of our most cost-effective ways to update your space with modern furniture that looks good, is budget-friendly, and gives you flexibility to customize your open office plan whichever way you prefer.

Gather Collection

The Gather Collection is one of my favorite collaborative office furniture collections. I think its the fun bean shapes :) Whether you're looking to add one, two, three, or more to a collaboration space, you can do it all with this collection.

Axis Collection

The Axis Collection is super sleek and modern. Perfect for a large lobby or atrium. And one of the best features of this collection is the square bench with built-in charging panels!

Encounter Collection

Modern design, storage and power outlets - what's not to love about the Encounter Collection? Each piece comes ready to assemble and features mobile casters, making it easy for you to rearrange when you want, however you want.

Flex Collection

The Flex Collection features colorful, modular pieces that give you the flexibility to arrange in fun configurations. They're also quite comfortable and you can easily sit on them for extended periods of time without going numb!

To shop even more open plan furniture, check out our selection of office cubicles, partitions and dividers here.

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