Creative Team Building Activities for Summer

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More and more companies are moving away from the competitive nature of offices. Slowly fading are the days where co-workers would stab peers in the back in order to get ahead. Today’s office environments lean towards cooperation and collaboration. Innovative offices are increasing productivity by arranging team building activities and building a positive culture.

Summer is notorious for reducing the productivity of workers. The weather is warm and the sun is shining--this can lead to some antsy office workers itchin’ to get outside. Outdoor team building activities are not only going to give you a reason to connect and build rapport with co-workers, it is also about getting fresh air, exercise, and enabling your team to step away from the day to day office duties.

Design Thinking

Design thinking presents new ways to think and collaborate with others that allow for creative and thoughtful problem-solving. Building in time for challenges that get people collaborating is fun and a great way to exercise effective communication. Try implementing obstacles like who can design the tallest structure from dried spaghetti noodles and tape to who can build a faster rubber band car. There are a variety of ways to present engineer and design challenges that are fun spirited and promote collaboration.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are easy to set-up and can provide plenty of active fun for the whole office. Depending on your location--hunts can include collecting a list of items ranging from snapping photos of a specific item, finding a spork from a local eatery, or identifying and locating a type of plant. The hunting possibilities are endless. Establish teams and even offer prizes if you really want to boost the excitement.

Think it Through

Puzzles, riddles, and logic tend to get everyone pretty engaged and actively involved. Getting out of the office doesn't specifically mean heading outdoors. Have a riddle relay where teams work together to find a solution before moving to the next riddle, or if the weather is too hot, set up daily riddles or puzzles to be solved in the break room and offer a prize to the first to solve it. You could also arrange for a local escape room to set up an outdoor challenge. The rise in escape rooms has shown a real need for people to find creative ways to practice a higher order of thinking skills. This type of play not only brings natural collaboration--it also strengthens problem-solving skills and translates effectively to the workplace.

Physical Challenge

A great way to team build is to overcome a challenge. Even better, overcoming a physical challenge. This gets co-workers into each other’s space and requires trust and collaboration. Challenges like the human knot where each member of the group grabs a different person’s hand with their own. Everyone is in the knot together and must work to untangle the knot. This leads to hilarity and problem solving but is also extremely bonding and forges tremendous relationships. Ziplining, ropes courses, or even recreating Survivor or Amazing Race are also great summer team building activities leading HR managers are utilizing.

Human resource managers are looking to combat productivity issues in their office through the use of outdoor team building games. Combining this positive culture built through activities with the stress reducing experience of being in nature. Whether it's scavenger hunts, physical activities, icebreakers, or building projects together--outdoor team building activities are a perfect way to create a lasting bond between employees in the office and increase productivity while also reducing stress.

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