Dad's Office: Ways to Make Father's Day Great

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Every dad should have a great chair.

What makes a great task chair? Comfort is key so that may be the first factor for consideration. A well-constructed, ergonomically designed chair can make a big difference in Dad’s life; especially if he spends a lot of time at his desk. Great task chairs offer adjustments in multiple areas so that the seat is the right depth, the height of the chair is set properly and the support is available throughout. The seat should also be well-cushioned for long-term comfort.

Places to put his things

Dads like to have things well-organized! (Don’t we all?) Does he have enough room for his files? How about books, guides and magazines? Does he have enough space to do his work?

Maybe he could use a larger desk. L-shaped desks are excellent options as they naturally put the individual at the center of the work zone, making it easy to access all that one needs—rather like a command center. L-desks also allow enough room for two file drawers (some come with two), and many options include hutches.

Bookcases and file cabinets are fairly easy to add to any office, so long as there is enough room. It’s always good to measure your space before purchasing new furniture items.

If he doesn’t have a lot of space to spare, then perhaps you can help your dad come up with creative options for extra shelving or storage. Look for the areas that space exists. Is there extra room on top of his desk or below? Maybe a smaller shelf can rest on his desk or an extra file drawer can be stowed beneath. A narrow bookcase or vertical file cabinet could also possibly fit in somewhere. Perhaps older files can be moved to the basement or garage. He would probably love a helping hand when it comes to getting organized.

His office could use a makeover

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to brighten a space or just make it feel a little more hip. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a bright color. Maybe your dad loves slate or khaki colors. The point is that by making a few simple updates, a room can have a whole new feeling—one that is inspiring. And we all like to feel inspired as we work.

Other makeover ideas might include a new area rug, or maybe a couch and a chair with some comfy accent pillows. Perhaps a new task light or a floor lamp is in order. How about some framed photography? Think of all the various things your dad enjoys and start making a list.

Is your father someone who likes to choose his own things? You can present him with your ideas and see how he responds. Together, you can come up with something. Chances are, he will not only love the new addition to his office, but will also enjoy the opportunity to spend some time with you.

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