Office Moving Checklist Part I: Things to Consider Before You Move

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You may have recently seen our 5-Step Office Move Checklist, if not, make sure you check it out. In today's blog post (and in this 5-step blog series), we're going to be breaking down the checklist into five bite-sized chunks (blog posts), starting with things to consider before you move: defining the why and where.

Phase I: Defining the Why & Where: Things to Consider Before You Move

Reasons for moving are plenty. Maybe you found a better looking space. Maybe you found a larger place or you want to downsize. Or, you could just be flat out getting kicked out of your old place. Whatever the case may be, it's important to communicate to your employees in the most positive light as possible in order to keep morale up and retain your employees.

Since we've already been in that situation ourselves, we'd like to offer up a few tips on how you can do that.

Dealing with employee resistance for the move

While your office move may be a step up from your current diggs, there will be some resistance from your employees no matter what. Whether that's an increased commute time, taking them away from their favorite lunch spots, or even just a break up in their daily routine they don't want, you need to communicate all of the new changes and provide updates on your move progress throughout the entire move.

It shouldn't be all gray clouds though. This is also a chance to get them excited! Cover some of the benefits of the move to highlight the positives.

What are some things you can highlight?

  • - The new change of scenery
  • - Some pros of the new building
  • - New lunch spots
  • - Brand new office furniture

Transportation considerations for employees

With a new office change also comes updates to employee commutes and transportation. While not a requirement, providing information and help with transportation needs of your employees shows that you care about their well being and willingness to help with their transition to the new space.

Below are some ways you can help with the transition:

  • - Addressing increased/decreased commute time
  • - Offering employer-paid bus passes
  • - Helping with parking structure costs


Amenities are a way to attract and recruit new employees, as well as a way to appease and retain current employees. As with any office move, your amenities may change, or get even better. Either way, it's important to highlight the changes and showcase in the most positive light as possible. Below are just a few amenities you can highlight:

  • - Upgrades to the ol' snack machine(s)
  • - A brand-new company shop!
  • - Highlight the new lunchroom and/or outdoor dining area

Planning for future growth

Just about every company has plans to grow and expand. It all comes down to company goals and the economy. One of the most obvious things that comes to mind is having enough space for new employees and furniture for future growth.


One of the often overlooked, and perhaps one of the most important things to think about, aside from your office space and furniture is setting up your office to have the adequate technology needed to run the business. This includes everything from T1 lines to phone systems and more.

  • - Setting up a T1 line
  • - Purchasing new phone systems
  • - Moving or purchasing new computers/projectors

As you can see, there are lots of things to think about before you move, so the earlier you can start planning, the better. Check out the next blog post in the series: Budgeting Your Office Move for more tips!

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