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Are you in the market for a new desktop desk? If so, you're in the right place! We've done some digging and put together our top recommendations on the desk type that works best for you based off the size of your office and the available space you have within it, and the functional highlights of each.

First and foremost, you should determine what size your office is and how much extra space you have before you go out and shop for a desk. Nothing is worse than having no idea what you're looking for and wasting a shopping trip, or selecting a desk that doesn't work for your needs.

Below are the top three recommendations we've put together based on the size of your office; large or small.

Desks for Small Offices

With limited space available, you need to make your workspace as functional as possible. Below are our top three desktop desk recommendations if you're working within a confined space.

Armoire/Cabinet Desk

Computer armoires and cabinets provide ample storage without sacrificing space. The ability to use armoires for your desktop and storage makes it a great multi-purpose piece. Features include multiple drawers, CPU tower, printer and file storage. Many also include a drop front, allowing you to use for extra workspace when needed.

Dimensions: Typical width is between 30" - 40" in width. Depth ranges from 18" - 22". Height varies from 50" - 68".

Mobile PC Workstation

Mobile PC workstations are perfect if you're looking for a workstation that you can easily move from room to room, or hide away in storage when not in use. Features typically include a slide out keyboard tray and a shelf for your CPU and printer. Stations are completely mobile and are on casters that allow you to move around and lock wheels in place.

Dimensions: Typical widths range from 28.5" - 31.5". Depth ranges from 23" - 28.5". Height ranges from 28.75" - 30.25".


Credenzas are great for small offices because of their compact size and ample storage. Multiple drawers and CPU tower storage are common among credenzas and they can also feature a hutch to provide even more storage.

Dimensions: Sizes vary, but common dimensions are 68.25"W x 24"D x 30"H.

Desks for Large Offices

With room to spare, you can afford to have a desk with a little more storage space. We've listed our top three recommendations for desktop desks that give you some extra space and functionality.

Executive Desk

Executive desks bring style to your office and plenty of storage. Offices with more room to spare and those who want a sophisticated looking desk, cannot go wrong with en executive style desk. Crown molding, hutches and book-matched panels are just some of the unique characteristics of this type of desk.

Dimensions: Styles vary from l-shaped to double pedestal. For l-shaped executive desks, expect typical dimensions around 68"W x 81"D x 72"H for ones including a hutch. For the pedestal style executive desk, typical dimensions are 55.5"W x 25.5"D x 29"H.

Double Pedestal Desk

Double pedestal desks offer a regal look and plenty of room for storage. Most double pedestal desks feature a pull-out pencil drawer and multiple drawers on the left and right of each pedestal for storage. Wire management holes are common on most pedestal desks to keep wires out of sight.

Dimensions: Typical dimensions are 58" - 72" in width, 28" - 35" in depth, and 30" - 31.5" in height.

Executive U-Desk

U-shaped executive desks provide plenty of wraparound space to get your work done and are a great fit for an office with a littler more room to spare. If you're looking for a desk to make a statement and provide functionality to your workspace, this type of desk is a great option.

Dimensions: Typical dimensions of a u-shaped executive desk is around 71"W x 106.5"D x 29.75"H. For desks including a hutch, expect the height of the hutch to be around 68" - 71".

Download our desktop desk buying guide here and use it on your new desk shopping trip as a reference!

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