Whiteboards: They Don't Have to Be Boring

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Whiteboards can seem like a boring topic or product, but our product selection proves otherwise. There are just about as many options to choose from as there are when you're deciding what flavor of ice cream to choose at a local ice cream stand! But, don't let the amount of choices bog you down. It's important to choose what best fits your needs. And if you want to get fancy, like getting a markerglass board, you can do that too.

Below we've broken down some of the different types of whiteboards available and where you can learn more about them from our product selection:

Mobile Whiteboards

Not too much to say here as the name speaks for itself, but mobile whiteboards are a convenient way to transfer a whiteboard between conference rooms.

At OfficeFurniture.com, we have a variety of portable whiteboards, depending on what size and height you're looking for. They come as large as our Mobile Porcelain 6' Markerboard/Corkboard, and as small as our 35"W x 72"H Dura-Rite Nesting Mobile Whiteboard.

Portable Whiteboard

Magnetic Porcelain Markerboards

Magnetic porcelain markerboards are among some of the most common markerboards you'll find. The great thing about these is that they easily accept magnets and don't ghost or stain - as long as you're using the right type of marker!

One of our most popular porcelain boards is our 72" x 48" Magnetic Porcelain Markerboard.

Magnetic Porcelain Markerboard

Markerglass Boards

Markerglass boards are a newer type of board that are made of glass. These boards can give off a modern look and work just as great as porcelain. It just comes down to personal preference.

One of our personal favorites are the black glass markerboards like this popular 2 x 3 ft Black Magnetic Markerglass Board. The black background allows you to get fancy with bright neon markers!

Markerglass Board

Peel & Stick Whiteboards

Peel and stick whiteboards are another fancy spin on the traditional whiteboard. They do much like the name says: peel and stick to the wall. These are great because they work well for non-traditional walls, like a curved wall, that can't support a typical whiteboard.

Our 6' x 4' Peel & Stick Whiteboard is a great size for medium to large sized conference rooms, or where a lot of idea mapping is needed!

Peel and Stick Whiteboard

Melamine Markerboards

Melamine markerboards are another popular choice and are widely used. There's nothing out of the ordinary about these ones, but they provide years of reliable use.

We have a variety of melamine boards to choose from including 3 x 2, 3 x 4, 4 x 5, 4 x 6 and 4 x 8 ft options.

Melamine Whiteboard

Two in One Whiteboards

Two in one whiteboards offer versatility and allow you to remove the top surface for a convenient board you can use in meetings for collaboration.

Our selection of two in one boards include a 18 x 24" Two in One Board and a 30 x 24" Two in One Board.

Two in One Whiteboard

Wall Mount Presentation Boards

Wall mount presentation boards offer a great two in one feature by including a whiteboard, as well as two piano hinged doors that include an attached tack board to hang notes.

Our selection of wall mount presentation boards includes a Wall Mount Presentation Board, a Wall Hanging Conference Cabinet, and a Belmont Presentation Board.

Wall Mount Presentation Board

In summary, there are many options to choose from when it comes to whiteboards. You aren't limited to just a traditional whiteboard. Find the best fit for you that will help you collaborate better with your team! Start by browsing our selection of whiteboards here.

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