Distinguishing Between Different Office Styles

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With so many different décor styles today, it can be hard to decide what look to go for. From farmhouse chic to industrial, rustic and more, get some tips below to incorporate each style into your space.

Below we've listed the some of the most popular décor styles today and ways to incorporate the look in your office.


The industrial style is becoming more and more popular nowadays. If you're going for the industrial look for your office, make sure to incorporate different types of lighting and wood elements. Desks like the one below have a distressed looking frame with a minimalist look that screams industrial.

When decorating your home office, some ways to really bring out the classic industrial look is by exposing ductwork and plumbing if possible. Adding a faux brick wall (or real of you can!) can really enhance your space and give it that natural, industrial feel.


When trying to bring a rustic style to your office, go for the cozy look. Adding weathered wood pieces, open shelving and mis-matched décor pieces will really bring the warmth and rustic coziness look to your office. Try to also incorporate fabrics into your office furniture.

Some of our popular rustic-inspired furniture collections is the Boone Mountain Collection by Sauder Furniture and the Willow Bend Collection by Hooker Furniture. These collections feature desks, tv consoles, side tables, and more that would add a perfect rustic touch to your office.

Mid-Century Modern

A classic example of the mid-century modern office, is the office of Don Draper on the popular television show Mad Men. Think bar carts, vintage glassware, 60's inspired pieces like retro vases and lamps. Pattern and texture are important things to incorporate in furniture fabric and curtains. Plain walls and furniture with hard lines completes the modern look and we have plenty of desks and chairs to choose from.


You can't go wrong with the traditional look, after all, its traditional, which means it stands the test of time with its timeless look. The key to the traditional look is simple designs that include dark or cherry wood furniture pieces like the Highland Executive L-Desk pictured below.

Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse chic is a popular style in home designs and décor, so whynot bring it to your office? The iconic farmhouse elements include white beadboard walls or cabinets, open shelving, rustic wood pieces, and cozy mis-matched fabrics.

Some of our collections that fit in well with the classic farmhouse look is our Cottage Road Collection by Sauder Furniture and the Boca Collection by Parker House.

We hope that gives you a nice overview of some of the most popular styles. Good luck with your office re-design! Below we've included links to our Pinterest boards that cover the looks for more inspiration:

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