"Don't Forget Items" Office Move Checklist

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When it comes to moving an office, there are a lot of things to think about. Too many, in fact. Which is why we created this office moving checklist. By now you've already looked it over and saw that it covers the main categories and tasks that you need to think about when relocating your office.

Don't Forget Office Move Items

In this "don't forget items" checklist, we cover the non-essential, essentials. Items for your new office that aren't essential to making the move, but essential for the new office nonetheless!

These items are often overlooked and end up popping up on your "don't forget" office shopping list. Let's help alleviate that from happening :)

Below are a few items to add to your moving list if you haven't added them already.

Office Garbage Cans

Office garbage cans are probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to moving your office, but the garbage at your new office has to go somewhere! Unless you're planning on bringing all of your garbages over from your old place, then you're pretty much set. But if the new space is bigger, or you just decided you'd like to upgrade, then this is something you'll want to look into.

Our selection of waste receptacles and recycling bins come in a wide variety including single units or sets. Whether you're looking for a stainless steel option, or one for outdoor use, we have over twenty five options to choose from!

Office Clocks

Office accessories like office wall and floor clocks are easy to forget too, until you look around for the time and notice there are no clocks! Our selection of clocks ranges from wall clocks like this Howard Miller Kristyn Wall Clock, to desk clocks and floor clocks.

Breakroom Furniture

Breakroom furniture for the new diggs, surprisingly, is something that is often overlooked. But you don't want your employees to be sitting ducks at lunch, do you?

When it comes to breakroom furniture, we've listed the essential pieces to think about below:

That covers the three main items we frequently see our customers forget about when moving their office. Any questions? Give us a call!

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