Editors' Picks: Top Office Accessories

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Though accessories may be but little, they still have a huge impact on the feel and the functionality of your office. Whether you are working from a home office or looking to add some personal touches to your office at the corporate headquarters, adding accessories is a great, affordable way to make your office feel more comfortable and look more stylish.

Treasure Map – Framed Wall Art


Add a sense of adventure to your office space with this Framed Treasure Map. This piece of artwork adds rustic flair to any wall that it happens to be placed on. Whether your office space is industrial, rustic or an eclectic mix, this may just be the perfect accent to enliven your walls.

Air LED Task Light with 24" Arm and Clamp


Lack of proper lighting is one of the most common design mistakes in offices. It's important to know that there are three main types of lighting other than natural sunlight: task lighting, ambient lighting and overhead lighting. The Air LED Task Light with 24" Arm and Clamp acts as task lighting, with the added benefit of the latest LED technology. It offers lower wattage at increased light levels, provides more accurate color rendering, is more energy efficient and it produces a warm, asymmetric light. Best of all, this lamp, with its easily adjustable arm, may be moved and positioned in whatever way best suits you and your working needs.

Stack and Style Step-Up File Organizer


This Stack and Style Step-Up Organizer is an affordable & stylish addition that can help you stay more organized while keeping your desk surface clear. It contains five folder slots and features hardwood veneer. This is one of our favorites because it's both incredibly easy to use and easy on the eyes.

Chaplin 73.25"H Floor Clock


Inspired by the old glory days of Hollywood, this Chaplin Floor Clock is a stunning accessory to add to your office. This floor clock features hardwoods and veneers in a richly black coffee finish, set off with polished chrome accents. The tripod base, a current interior trend, was specifically designed to resemble old studio movie lights, and it provides a truly unique and eye-catching appearance. It's also important to note that this clock serves its function of telling time in a beautiful, harmonic manner; The Quartz, triple-chime Harmonic movement plays a choice of Westminster or Ava Maria chimes on the arrival of each hour.

10 Piece Leather Desk Pad Set


Work stylishly at your desk with this 10 Piece Leather Pad Set. This collection is ideal for veneer top desks, as veneer surfaces may scratch easily. Write smoothly, protect your desk's surface and immediately add decorative flair by placing this set on your workstation.

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