Fabric Spotlight: Polyester

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Polyester is one of the most common types of fabric used in furniture today. It's strong, durable and resistant to sweat and most chemicals, which explains why it's so commonly used!

If you have a polyester chair in your office or a couch in your reception area, you're already benefiting from the non-absorbing nature of this fabric. It's resistant to sweat and therefore picking up smells that may linger that's common in other types of fabrics like cotton.

Below are some of our polyester fabric chairs and one of our polyester fabric reception sets by Lesro.

To learn more about the major differences polyester has between other fabrics like cotton check out this informative blog post. For more of the granular-level details on what polyester fabric is made up of, this site also covers some great points.

Image Source: whatispolyester.com

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