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We've recently added the Perk Collection to our mix of products by Officient. This collection features two simple and modern computer chairs with a mesh back and fabric seat; one in classic black and the other in contemporary white. To help you get a better idea of what these chairs are like, we've interviewed a few members of our sales team to get their thoughts!

"The Perk Collection offers nice solid chairs for their pricepoint. I especially like the white frame because it has a modern look." - Gina D.

"These chairs offer a simple design with a modern touch at an affordable price. The arm shape offers not only comfort, but adds a unique look to the chair. The seat height range also offers a lot of options for different size users, making them very versatile." - Christina D.

"They are a great chair for people with an average to petite frame." - Joshua R.

"The white chair frame with grey mesh fabric has a complimentary grey undertone that really makes it look sharp in any décor." - Jeff R.

Interested in shopping the Perk Collection of chairs? Take a look at them here.

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