Fully Assembled vs Partially Assembled vs RTA Furniture

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If you're in the market for some new furniture, it's helpful to know the different assembly types and what all goes into each. In today's blog post we're going to break down the differences between fully assembled, partially assembled and ready to assemble furniture.

Fully Assembled Furniture

Fully assembled furniture is furniture that already comes pre-built to you. It does not require any assembly by you or a furniture installer. Fully assembled furniture is typically more expensive because it is already assembled for you and requires no additional work on your part.

Partially Assembled Furniture

Partially assembled furniture has pieces that are already assembled for you but still require other pieces to be assembled together. Partially assembled furniture is a good middle ground in terms of work involved and cost savings between ready to assemble and fully assembled furniture. Because you're taking care of some of the assembly, the savings are reflected in the price of the product.

Ready to Assemble Furniture

Ready to assemble furniture, also known as RTA furniture, is usually the lowest cost of all three furniture assembly options because it comes completely unassembled and additional work on your part.

If you have any questions on the differences between furniture assembly types and cost savings, feel free to reach our furniture experts at 1-800-933-0053. We're be happy to help!

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