Celebrating Fun at Work Day

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Did you know that today is National Fun at Work Day? While we hope that every day at work is fun and awesome in at least some capacity, we’re also happy that there is an entire day dedicated to it. Here are some great ways that you and your co-workers and your teams can celebrate Fun at Work Day.

fun at work day

Switch Up the Tunes

Nothing can change the mood quite like music. Try switching out the normal music for something more fun. You’ll still want to keep your selection professional and safe for work, but there are plenty of fun songs that will fit the bill.

Themed Dress Up Days

This of course depends on the type of environment you work in, but dressing up doesn’t only have to be for Halloween. In fact, it can even be as simple as allowing employees to support their favorite sports team by wearing team gear. Allowing for more creative, yet appropriate, expression in the outfit department is bound to bring more fun to anyone’s day.

Team Outings

Having managers plan an outing for their respective teams, whether it’s lunch or to a local museum, can really make the day more fun and memorable. Such an outing can take the place of a lunch break and will not only help team members to get to know one another better, but can also act as a source of inspiration. Taking breaks is proven to be good for creative problem solving and productivity – your team is bound to be refreshed and rejuvenated after such an outing.

Catered Lunch

The team lunch can be taken even further by doing a company-wide catered lunch. Employees are sure to feel appreciated and it gives them a chance to socialize with people who they may not see every day. It’s ultimately a great way to break up the routine and make the workday more fun.

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