Furniture Trends Spotted at Neocon 2016

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A few members of our marketing team recently attended NeoCon 2016. In case you're not familiar with the conference, NeoCon is the place to go every year to see the latest trends in commercial interior design and décor.

Our team looks forward to going every year to see what trends are popular and to come away with insights and ideas for our products. Pictured below are just a few of the many trends we captured on camera this year.

NeoCon 2016

Here are some more of the top trends we observed at NeoCon this year and places on our site you can go to for a similar look:

  • Exposed plywood edges on desks and tables - Think something slightly similar to this.

  • Modular lounge furniture - Our Alon Series Collection features a variety of modular seating pieces with an attractive modern look.

  • Gray wood/laminate color (this has been popular for a couple of years now and is staying strong!) Our Widmore Collection features traditional chairs with a modern gray spin, while our Pro Linea Collection by Bestar features a variety of modern gray desks.

  • Making work feel like home - Think: couches in the office and homelike décor. We have an entire section on our site dedicated to home office furniture and décor.

  • Midcentury Modern style furniture - Search over 90 mid-century modern products.

  • Soundproof spaces and quiet zones - These are nice little rooms that you can go into when you need peace and quiet to get work done.

  • More locker storage being integrated in workstations - Our Reveal Collection features modern workstations with storage lockers, along with a desk and file like this Instant Office L-Desk With Wardrobe Locker.

  • Chairs with deep seats and low backs - One of our very own retro egg chairs like this one have a deep seat and wide back and come in a variety of colors.

  • Felt upholstery - This is becoming more popular and is good for muffling sound in a noisy office.

  • Mobile tables and laptop stands - These are similar to tv trays but people can use them to work at a laptop on while sitting on lounge furniture. Shop our selection of over 40 mobile tables and laptop desks.

  • Making a space look bigger with mirrors - View our selection of modern mirrors to accent your home office or reception area.

  • That wraps up some of the top trends spotted this year at NeoCon. We hope you'll find some of our products we offer with these new trends and update your space with the latest in commercial design.

    'Till next year..

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