Trends Spotted at High Point Market Spring 2017

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We recently attended the spring High Point Market furniture show in High Point, North Carolina. We had a great time as usual and came away some trends we'd like to share with you!

First things first, let's start with some of the popular color and finish trends we noticed.

Color & Finish Trends

One of the things we look for while visiting High Point Market are the color trends that pop out to us that seem to be a common theme among each furniture retailer. Below are some of the color themes we picked up on while visiting High Point Market this spring:

Yellow gold - yellow gold has become quite the trend from what we can tell from what the furniture retailers had to show at High Point.

Bronze - Bronze is another color trend we picked up on. A lot of bronze was featured in furniture pieces.

Antique - Antique distressed furniture was a popular trend spotted as well.

Other popular color trends we noticed included the presence of weathered grays and blues.

Furniture Design Trends

Unveiling new furniture designs and showing off unique styles is what the High Point Market is all about. So it should come as no surprise that we walked away with some good nuggets on some of the furniture trends that were popular.

Raw/industrial look - Live edge tables, desks, and clocks were some of the pieces that really went for the raw/industrial look.

Driftwood, "natural look" finish - The "natural look" was a very popular trend among the desk and table designs. "Live edge" is using the natural curves of the wood to create impact in your furniture piece.

Mid-century modern - While mid-century modern has been a classic style since the Mad Men era in the 1960's, it still continues to be a highly desired style used in the design of new furniture pieces.

Adjustable height desks - Adjustable height desks have gained in popularity over the past couple of years and we can only seeing that maintain itself or increasing as employers adopt a "healthy and flexible workplace" mentality. We saw instances of this at the market, which reaffirms the trend is still strong!

Outdoor furniture - Outdoor furniture has been gaining popularity at High Point as well. Many furniture manufacturers that have never offered outdoor furniture before, have taken advantage of the increased demand for it in residential settings to furnish outdoor living spaces.

Different upholsteries - Your typical furniture upholstery options include some version of leather or vinyl. A trend we picked up on was the appearance of tweed and velvet as additional fabric options.

Two-person workstations - Two person workstations have shown to be a very popular desk trend for the home office this year at High Point. Could it be that a couple that works together, stays together? ;)

That about wraps up some of the main furniture trends we saw! Are there any trends you found that you really love? Let us know in the comments below! To check out more of the pieces that were seen at High Point Market, take a look at their site here.

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