How to Add Decor to Your Office to Create a Good Impression

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Imagine: you're meeting a new client for the first time and walk into their office. At first, glance you notice the walls are plain white. The furniture? Worn. And the décor? There's no artwork, or any other aesthetically pleasing element in sight whatsoever.

What would your first impression be?

Probably not a very good one. There's no personality or character to be seen that elicits any sort of positive emotion. Not to mention the impression that's given off from the worn and tattered furniture. Eesh.

As you can see, first impressions count and can make or break their lasting impression of you and your company. By taking some simple steps to improve the décor and look of your space, you can instantly add personality to your office and give off the impression you want to leave your customers with.

Below are some of our tips on how to add décor to your office to create a good impression:


When it comes to office lighting, there are plenty of options to choose from. Types of office lighting includes table lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps. Our selection of lamps include a wide variety of modern products to choose from.

Office Lamps


When it comes to office artwork and wall décor, there are endless possibilities. From framed prints to wall canvases and metal sculpture pieces and more, selecting the right artwork can make a huge statement piece. And it definitely beats plain and boring office walls!

Office Artwork

Area Rug

Area rugs can help tie colors in your office together, while also adding a sense of coziness and a visually pleasing element to your décor. If that sounds like something you could use, we have over ninety area rugs to choose from. Find floral prints to patterned ones for a more modern look. Don't forget, if you have hardwood floors, it may be a good idea to add a rug pad underneath to prevent it from moving, which you can find under our selection of rugs as well.

Office Area Rug

Accent Chairs

A great way to add additional seating to your office, other than plain office computer chairs (which I don't recommend for guest seating), is to add stylish club, arm or accent chairs. Add accent chairs with a modern touch, or traditional club chairs like our ever popular Queen Anne Club Chair to fit your guest seating needs.

Office Accent Chair

Mirrors & Clocks

Wall clocks and mirrors make great accent pieces and are another way to add visual interest to your office décor. Each of our wall clocks and wall mirrors have unique characteristics that set it apart from the others, making your selection one-of-a-kind.

Office Clock

As you can see, there are many ways to add décor to your office to create an inviting atmosphere and make a positive first impression to clients, guests and colleagues. All it takes is a little research, the right furniture and decor, and some elbow grease for a complete look that is sure to impress.

If you're ready to start shopping office décor, get started by shopping our selection here. If you're still in need of some design inspiration, our Pinterest Boards offer plenty of décor ideas. Visit our Pinterest Boards here.

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