How to Make Your Cubicle Feng Shui

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Feng shui is all about harnessing good energy and keeping away negative energy. When it comes to your office cubicle, it can be a challenge to create good feng shui when you cannot control many things, like the direction your cubicle is facing, or the person sitting next to you and their décor. However, with our tips listed below, you'll uncover ways to practice good feng shui in areas that you can control and bring good vibes your way!

Make your cubicle feng shui with these four tips:

  • Position your furniture correctly
  • Allow room for natural light
  • Add plants
  • Keep it tidy

Position of your Furniture Correctly

Good feng shui requires you to position yourself in a command position. This means that your back is not facing towards the direction that people would approach you. If that is something you cannot change, a mirror is recommended to add to your cubicle so that you can at least see who is approaching you.

Allow Room for Natural Light

Not everyone is blessed with a great view for their cubicle, so this may be harder for some than others. If you do have a space that doesn't allow for a lot of natural light, bring in additional light sources like a small lamp.

Add Plants

Plants provide a relaxing environment by incorporating nature into your workspace. According to feng shui, they also repel negative energy. Consider adding a few plants. Bonsai plants and succulents make great office plants.

office plant

Keep it Tidy

Keeping your cubicle clean and organized makes for good feng shui. Bad energy comes from a dirty, unorganized cubicle. This includes papers that pile up, a cluttered desk full of supplies and just having too much stuff in general around your cube. Try to take a minimalistic approach to your cubicle décor and you'll be golden.

tidy office

Implement these four tips and your office cubicle will be feng shui in no time!

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