How to Style Your Office Industrial Farmhouse

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It doesn’t matter what you want to call this style. Whether it’s farmhouse chic, rustic, or, our favorite, industrial farmhouse, we certainly have Joanna Gaines to thank for it. Instead of shunning the old and worn, this style fully embraces pieces that artfully showcase both qualities. Interested in recreating the look for your own home office? Here are a few distinguishing features of this style.

Worn Wood and Simplicity

The furniture that best fits this style features clean lines and delivers simplicity. Colors are more muted, providing a calming palette overall, while wood is worn and has a sense of character.

Metal Elements

A signature call out of industrial style is the use of metal, particularly in the furniture or the architecture. A blend of raw elements, such as metal and the worn wood mentioned above, helps create the unique, warm look of industrial farmhouse style.

Distressed Details

Whether on the furniture or the decor, distressed details are a must to fully complete this style. This helps to bring warmth and a one-of-a-kind feel to the space.

For more inspiration, find even more industrial farmhouse design ideas on Pinterest!

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