Introducing Our Newest Team Member: Joshua Riewe

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We'd like to take the time to introduce one of our newest team members to the team, Joshua Riewe. Joshua joins us as our Customer Service Manager and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our customer service team.

I did a quick interview on Joshua so we can all get to know more about him.

Without further ado...

Can you give us a little insight on your background?

I went to college to be a teacher. I realized late in college that being an educator was not a passion for me. I went in to sales for a period of time with a big box retailer. This was a great learning experience. I realized that my passion was in customer service. I went on to run contact centers for JCPenney, Johnson Controls, and most recently Montage.

What will your role be responsible for at

In short I’m the customer service manager. I’m the one that is here to ensure that all facets of our Customer FIRST philosophy are met. The long version is that I’ll be looking at every process, procedure, and business method to ensure that everything my team does focuses on resolving our customer’s issues. Additionally, I’ll work as a back up to our sales team to help with calls. Finally, I’ll serve as a mentor to my team to provide coaching and feedback to improve our service level.

What do you like about your job?

There are a lot of things I like about my job. First off I don’t have an office. Being in the same space as my team allows me to hear was is impacting our customers the most. I’m able to formulate plans to improve based on that interaction. I love the direct contact that I have with our customers. Managing creative solutions to their difficulties energizes me on an hourly basis. My team is amazing. They have such a wide range of backgrounds and knowledge it has made me able to quickly integrate into the role. They’ve all been warm and welcoming and able to help me learn quickly. Finally, my boss Jeff has been great so far. He’s listened to my ideas and helped to guide me to the correct path!

Any Hobbies Outside of Work?

My most recent passion is photography. I primarily take portraits and do a lot of work for the youth group that I volunteer with. I’m a huge fan of dark and light composition. In addition, I’m a member of Wisconsin Freemasons. This is the world’s oldest fraternity. We work with communities to improve things and help. Most notably the Shriners Hospitals are all funded by donations from Freemasons. In addition to this I volunteer with a youth group called Job’s Daughters. It is a group for girls ages 10-20 that teaches leadership and decision making skills to prepare them for college and the work world. Outside of that I’m a season ticket holder for the Milwaukee Brewers and try to get to at least 20 games a season.

What else can you tell us about you?

I’m married to an amazing woman named Val. She’s a English Language Learning (ELL) teacher for children in K-5. She works with children who have come to our country and are learning English. I’m astounded by her passion for her chosen career and love hearing about how she’s helping her students.

We also have a fur child named Oscar. We rescued him five years ago and our family wouldn’t be complete without him. Last year he went through cancer and lost a back leg. His resiliency has been an inspiration and reminder to always bounce back from small disappointments.

We're excited to have Joshua here and know that he will continue to help us serve our valued customers with our Customer FIRST philosophy. Welcome to Team OF, Joshua!

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