Mobile Workspaces: Multi-Functional Furniture to Create an Office On Demand

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Let's face it: today's offices and jobs aren't what they used to be. So why should your work area be? You have different demands and access to technology than previous working generations did at one point in time, so the way you work is going to inevitably be different. In today's blog post we're going to highlight several mobile workstation options available to you to help make your workday easier.

Adjustable Laptop Caddy

A laptop caddy can come quite handy when you're working from home in the living room or bedroom area. The mobile casters make it easy to move your desk off to the side or right in front of you when you need to, giving you a ton of flexibility.

Laptop Cart with Storage

Somewhat similar to the laptop caddy above is a laptop cart. The laptop cart pictured below also features additional storage, which can be a huge benefit for those working frequently from their couch or bed.

Laptop Desk

The Brandywine Pull Out Laptop Desk double functions as a side table and laptop desk, which works great for someone working with limited space and wants to use multi-functional furniture to make the best use of space.

Fold Out Wall Mount Convertible Desk

The Fold Out Wall Mount Desk can be used in many ways, but is probably most popular in the kitchen area where it can become handy to write down recipes or get some work done while you bake or cook.

Car Desk with Smartphone & Laptop Mount

Not all of us have a stationary workstation. For those that work frequently from their car, the Car Desk with Smartphone and Laptop Mount is a great, compact solution.

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