Office Moving Checklist Part III: Managing Your Move

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You may have recently seen our 5-Step Office Move Checklist, if not, make sure you check it out. Today's blog post is part III in this five-part blog series where we're breaking down the checklist into five bite-sized chunks.

With that, let's talk about managing your office move!

Phase III: Managing Your Office Move Project

Managing an office move project is no easy task. We'd argue it's probably the toughest job of the move. At any point things could go haywire and a project manager is essential to get things back on track and moving forward.

The successful project manager knows how to identify the needs of the project, estimate the timing, budget, materials, and resources to ensure a successful move.

Depending on the size of your company and the extent of your move, you may even need more than one project manager to do the job, which is very normal. Just be sure there aren't too many cooks in the kitchen!

Below are some steps to take in this phase of your office move project:

  • - Selecting or hiring a project manager(s)
  • - Setting a move timeline – planning around lease, best time to move, etc.
  • - Identify external vendors needed to coordinate the move

The tips above should just be a starting point. There are plenty of details to work out from the points above. One thing that may help you with this is our handy office move project plan template that you can download in Excel or PDF format for free.

Office Move Project Plan Excel Download

Check out our next blog post in the series where we cover even more tips that include planning your office design and layout!

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