Office Moving Checklist Part IV: Office Design & Layout

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You may have recently seen our 5-Step Office Move Checklist, if not, make sure you check it out. Today's blog post is part IV in our five-part blog series where we're breaking down the checklist into five bite-sized chunks. With that, let's talk about designing your new office and planning the layout!

Phase IV: Office Design & Layout Considerations

Whether you're moving into a bigger space, or a smaller space, the office has to be designed to fit your needs. That includes the design and layout.

Some things to think about are:

  • - Flooring and sound requirements
  • - Considering the amount of breakroom space you need
  • - Controlling sunlight and shade (blinds)
  • - Space planning considerations
  • - Accommodations you can make for employees affected by move like new furniture
  • - Taking fire code regulations into consideration
  • - The design and location of bathrooms
  • - Incorporating employee collaboration areas

Of course, there are more details involved when considering your design and layout, but the above should give you a few starting points. Some of these are often forgotten about and not taken into consideration until the last second or after the fact. In next week's blog post we'll be wrapping up our five-step office move blog series with tips on building your new space and construction with tips on vendors to consider and more.

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