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Looking for a new desk for your home office? Whether you’re limited by space, need a certain amount of storage or just want an ergonomically friendly workstation, you’ve got plenty of options from which to choose. Keep reading to discover different types of desks in every style and shape for your home office. 

office desk buying guide

L-Shaped Desks

If it’s work surface space you need then an L-desk is a great option. An L-shaped desk is exactly what it sounds like—a desk shaped like the letter ‘L’. Although many options have an unfinished back that’s meant to be placed in the corner of a room, you’ll also find L-desks that are fully finished on all sides and can be used in the middle of your office. At the end of the day, an L-desk's most attractive feature is all the desk top space it has to offer, since it provides both the main desk space and a return as well. Many L-desks include built-in storage options, but some are plain and simple. Shop L-shaped desks here.

office desk buying guide

U-Shaped Desks

If an L-shaped desk still isn’t enough work surface space for your working needs, a U-desk may do the trick. With a desk, a return and a bridge in between, U-desk truly offer a ton of space to work on, if your home office has the floor space to accommodate it. Because they are most commonly used in executive style offices, U-desks almost always include filing pedestals for built-in storage. Shop U-shaped desks here.

office desk buying guide

Executive Desks

Speaking of executive offices, an executive desk may be all you need. Characterized by their large size, executive desks are a smart choice for a large home office. Although executive desks only have a single work surface, they are often paired with a credenza with or without a hutch for some additional workspace and storage. Shop executive desks here.

office desk buying guide

Computer Desks

“Computer desk” is a subjective term, but it is most often used to describe a single surface office desks with one or two storage pedestals. Simply put, a computer desk has just enough space to accommodate a desktop computer with a little bit of storage for office supplies. Shop computer desks here.

office desk buying guide

Corner Desks

While L-desks can be used in a corner, corner desks are specifically made for them. What’s the difference? While you can work at one end of an L-desk, corner desks feature a curved corner, meaning you’re meant to work right in the center with open workspace on either side of you. Corner desks are available with and without storage pedestals. Shop corner desks here.

office desk buying guide

Standing Desks

A standing desk is a desk that is standing height. We recommend using your standing desk with an adjustable height ergonomic stool so that you may alternate between sitting and standing while you work. Shop standing desks here.

office desk buying guide

Adjustable Height Desks

Similar to a standing desk, an adjustable height desk has a desk top that moves up and down with you. Because this type of desk accommodates both sitting and standing, it can be used with a standing office chair. Shop adjustable height desks here.

office desk buying guide

Compact Desks

Simply put, a compact desk is a small computer desk. Ideal for use in a home office, compact desks have a footprint that’s suitable for homes without dedicated space for an office. Place this office furniture in your bedroom, in your living room or just about anywhere else it will fit. Shop compact desks here.

office desk buying guide

Writing Desks

A writing desk is ideal for the employee who doesn’t need any bells or whistles. Writing desks have a basic work surface without any pedestal for storage. They may, however, include a pencil drawer or keyboard tray. Shop writing desks here.

Need help finding the best desk for your home office. Shop our full assortment of office desks for the home and beyond. 

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