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Struggling with how to design your new home office? There’s no doubt your options are vast when it comes to styling the space. Take a deeper look into the various office furniture styles available to you in this helpful guide.

office furniture style guide


Popular in residential and commercial interiors alike, industrial office design features a blend of organic and metallic materials that creates a uniquely masculine look. Common features of industrial design include metal legs and framework on desks, weathered wood casegoods and metal stools. When it comes to décor, opt for anything that blends natural elements like wood or greenery with man-made elements like metal. Shop industrial office furniture here.

office furniture style guide

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern office furniture takes something old and makes it new again. Pulling inspiration from furnishings of the 1950’s and 60’s, mid-century style features striped wood, angled desk legs, funky décor and colorful accents. Shop mid-century modern office furniture here.

office furniture style guide


Mission style furniture has a craftsman look reminiscent of handmade furniture of the past. Mission furniture is ideal for those who want something more on the traditional side without any over the top opulence. Shop mission office furniture here

office furniture style guide


Modern style office furniture is sleek and streamlined. Featuring mostly neutral colors, modern furniture can be easily dressed up with any pop of color to breathe life into your office. Remember, less is more. Keep your modern office free of clutter and stick to a minimalist look instead. Shop modern office furniture here.

office furniture style guide


While modern design is cool and sleek, rustic design is warm and worn. Featuring neutral colors and a reclaimed wood look, this style is perfect for the aspiring farmhouse. Best of all, rustic office furniture can make your office feel like home, which has been proven to improve productivity on the job. Shop rustic office furniture here.

office furniture style guide


Traditional office furniture features classic details and rich color finishes. Cherry and mahogany veneers are commonplace, while picture frame drawer fronts and crown molding give off a high-class appearance. Shop traditional office furniture here.

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