Office Design: Ways to Include Privacy & Support Different Work Modes

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Many offices today are designed to cater to the open office concept. A complete open concept office space with no walls or separate privacy areas. In research we've conducted and what we've learned over time, is that the open concept floorplan is not what employees really want. It's a dying trend.

A new type of office environment is emerging. And this is because organizations are really starting to listen to what employees want and want to keep them working at their company for years to come. This office concept features a little bit of everything. From private seating areas to small areas dedicated to impromptu collaboration spaces.

Below we've listed some of the work areas employees are looking for/need:

Focusing & Recharging

Having an area in the office where you can work alone in silence and solitude can be very beneficial to your employees and your business. Because of that, having a quiet place to get work done in a relaxing atmosphere is ideal.

One of the ways that employees can do that is having stand alone seating with privacy panels attached like this flip up privacy panel chair by OFM.

Similar to the individual Morph privacy chair by OFM is this privacy panel sofa for two. This is great if you're working on a project with another person and you need a quiet place to brainstorm or work on your project details together.

Collaborating & Learning

Collaborating with others to learn or teach someone or a group of people something, requires the right environment and tools. And with that comes the right type of furniture. We boast a variety of collaborative furniture options to fit your needs and budget, so we highlighted some of those options for you below.

Pictured below are a few of the InterPlay Tablet Arm Lounge Chairs, which can be used as standalone chairs in a lobby or grouped together in conference and designated training areas. This type of seating is ideal for long training sessions because of the convenient tablet arm that can be used for note taking and a comfortable seat that helps you stay comfortable for hours of use.

The Gather Collection makes impromptu collaboration sessions easy with the small, modular pieces that can easily be grouped into different configurations.

The Compass Collection by NBF Signature Series is a great collaboration set because of the updated technology features like USB ports that you don't see in a lot of lounge seating.

The Alon Series Collection is a great choice for lounge seating because it features modern modular seating that allows you to configure a variety of seating options for optimal collaboration.

We hope this article helps inspire you to find ways to support and improve the different types of work modes that can be used in your office. If you have any questions about it or the furniture we have to offer, feel free to give us a call and we'd be happy to help!

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