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So often, our offices are either entirely devoid of color (hello beige cubicles!) or are entirely saturated with bright hues. However, these options do not work for everyone, which is one of the many reasons why adding color in smalls bursts, or “pops of color” has become such a huge trend in the world of home offices.

Looking to implement pops of color into your own office? Here are some ways to get started.

Start with a neutral color as your base. White and gray are perhaps the most common selections for this base color, as you can pair so many different colors with them. This is usually your wall color and may even be the color of your furniture finish. A good rule of thumb is for this to make up about 70% of the room/your offices color palette.

Image Source: Swoonworthy

Adding another color to blend in with the neutral hue allows you to bring some more life into your space without being overwhelming. A good rule of thumb for this secondary color is for it to make up 20% of the room. Finally, the real pops of color can be added in small bursts as forms of decor, art, etc. Typically a bold and bright color is selected for this, as it will make quite a powerful statement. Allowing this color to make up 10% of the room is again another great way to make the color impactful, yet far enough away from being overpowering.

Image Source:Amanda Carol Interiors

When it comes to color selection – be sure to balance out the color in the space and to choose colors that you love paired together.

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