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It goes without saying that when it comes to design styles for your home office, the choices are almost innumerable. At OfficeFurniture.com alone, we offer an incredible variety of styles, from the ultra-modern to the elegantly traditional, that all have their very own distinct set of defining characteristics. More often than not, though, despite the very real and tangible differences in these styles, we find ourselves drawn to many different styles and thusly pulled into a million different directions. The question then follows; how do you narrow it down when it comes to finding the right style for you? With the advent of the internet, Pinterest and beyond, a brand new trend has emerged: mixing styles.

Gone are the rules of keeping the traditional with the traditional and the modern with modern. However, there are still a couple guidelines we can share to help make the process of mixing styles more enjoyable and a bit easier.

Stick to a Color Palette

While mixing styles eloquently is actually a tad more difficult than it may first appear, a good rule of thumb is to stick to a similar color palette to unite all of the pieces together. This way, even if the lines of the furniture are different and the textures juxtaposing, a consistent color palette brings a more uniform and cohesive appeal that will be needed when mixing styles.

Choosing a Color Palette

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Trust Your Instinct

Another good piece of advice for this trend – trust your instinct. Mixing styles is all about creating a look that you love and feel great about. It’s about finding pieces, decor, furniture, plants, etc. that speak to you. The point of mixing styles is to have fun and express your own personal tastes. Here’s to mixing your own blend of styles for the perfect office interior!

Mixing Décor Styles

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