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"Active workstation." What exactly does that mean?

There's actually a number of ways to describe the idea of an active workstation. You may have heard people mention they were looking for a "sit to stand desk", "sit to stand workstation", "adjustable height desk", a "standing height workstation", or something along those lines.

All of these would technically fall under the "active workstation" category, however, it's not just limited to desks. Chairs, stools, and other accessories can fall under the active workstation category as well. Take for example this perching stool by Safco. It allows you to lean back and comfortably rest when your sit to stand desk is set to the stand position.

These type of chairs are typically called perching stools, or leaning stools. In addition to these stools, below are a few more products that fall under the active workstation category including a desktop riser, foot rest and other stool options.

If you're interested in checking out some of your active workstations, check out our sit to stand desks here and some of our stools here.

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