On Trend: Open Offices With Collaboration Areas & Quiet Zones

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The modern office has changed over the last few decades. Long gone are the large cubicle walls encompassing the entire office. Office designs are now becoming less closed off and we're seeing more and more open floor plans, which seems to be the norm nowadays.

This emerging trend seems to be in line with organizations that are trying to appeal to the modern worker with the open floor concept, especially in the creative field. The open floor plan can be great for collaboration, but not so great for those who need to buckle down and get work done.

We've seen many pros and cons lists on open offices versus closed and I think there are truths to each, however, one thing is for sure - with the emergence of open offices, we're now seeing a greater demand for collaboration spaces, soundproof offices and quiet areas.

According to an article by Fast Company, "Workspaces should flex to provide a variety of spaces and destinations for workers to inhabit that promote movement throughout the day. While many companies are doing a good job of incorporating some of these elements into their workplace design, there’s a need for more awareness and implementation of this way of thinking holistically about the workplace."

The flexibility wanted in the open office work environment has increased. That means that employees want options, and companies that give them options, will get top pick of the talent.

In our effort to stay on top of the latest workplace trends, we've worked to provide a variety of office furniture options to those looking to update their space. Some ways to improve privacy and create collaboration areas within your office are office partitions and office lounge furniture. The Gather Collection, one of our newest lounge collections, features a variety of fun modular lounge seats that are perfect for collaboration areas.

Gather Collection

The open office trend is here, where does your office stand? If you're looking to incorporate more collaboration or privacy areas in your office, we have the furniture to help you do it!



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