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When it comes to working from home, sometimes you'll have to make the transition both quickly and unexpectedly. The right office furniture doesn't just need to look good-- it needs to help you do your best work, no matter where you are. Before you buy, think about what it will take to create that great workspace. From there? Make those dreams a reality.

Ask yourself a few simple questions before getting started:

Can You Get It Fast?

Not all shipping services are created equal. Depending on the size, shape, and weight of your purchase, your office furniture might ship via several different methods, including freight (tailgate or inside delivery) or "last mile" carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.). Regardless, the quicker your items ship, the sooner you'll be on your way to setting up your home office.

While residential furniture is typically smaller in size than commercial office furniture, it's still worth looking out to see how your products will arrive. Since you're already homebound, scheduling a freight delivery is easier than usual, however it can still be cumbersome to get these items in the door.

Does it Fit?

Before you buy, start with a tape measure and determine the maximum size of your desking and storage pieces. Less is usually more and, aesthetically, it's often better to leave space between large furniture pieces to eliminate any sense of claustrophobia or clutter. Smaller spaces can benefit from vertical space by using taller bookshelves, installing hanging shelves, or adding a spacious storage hutch.

There's always a few things to watch out for, too. Anticipate door swing and make sure you're in the clear, situate your situation without bumping into windowsills or other protrusions, and keep your setup located close to power outlets for computers and charging. If that isn't possible, look into cable management channels that can run along baseboards for a clean and out-of-the-way look.

Does it Fit In?

Designing a commercial office is one thing. Turning your personal space into a professional one? That's a different ballgame. You'll need to think about the "home" in "home office" while choosing furniture, ensuring that you've found pieces that coordinate with your existing pieces. Key word: coordinate. Try to assimilate, choosing complimentary hues, finishes, and styles, even if they're not an identical match. Keep a few factors consistent and try to go bold by combining light and dark finishes or creating a mashup of modern and classic styles.

What do You Need?

You've found the future home of your new work-from-home workspace, envisioned how to make it look stunning, and now-- what are your actual needs? At first, your wants can seem endless and it's tempting to recreate all the amenities of your office in a smaller space, but the feasibility of that is often limited. If you have the space for a large home office, that might be a longer, more intensive project than you have time to complete.

Think of the essentials, what supplies you'll be bringing home or duplicating, and the surface area you need to succeed. The no-brainer is a desk, but the intricacy is in the built-in and add-on storage. If you have a lot of files, look for a file pedestal or a larger lateral file unit that has the space you need to keep papers in line. Hutches often take advantage of the vertical space along walls and tall bookcases can serve this purpose, along with adding open-air spaces to place pictures and decorations to create that seamless home-to-office atmosphere. If you have space, a credenza can increase everything-- file storage, workspace, supply drawers and all.

What Else Can It Do?

Maybe you're moving to a fully-remote position or maybe you're only working from home for a short while. Whatever it may be, you'll want to look ahead to the future to make sure that these pieces can continue to suit your needs and, if those needs change, perhaps they can be used for something else. Can your home office space serve as a separate arts and crafts area? Could it be repurposed for an online gaming area or a place to pick up another hobby or pastime? If any of your secondary or future uses require additional storage, wire management, or aesthetic needs, think of those ahead of time while you're making purchases.

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