Reasons to Consider a Shared Office Space for Your New Office

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The use of a shared office space is a new trend in the workplace that is changing the way people work. Also known as coworking, this novel concept is growing in popularity in response to the growing demand of professional but affordable spaces. Employers who are looking for or designing their offices should consider adopting a shared office layout. This model offers a flexible option coupled with all the benefits of a traditional office.

Below are some of the top incentives that you can gain from this kind of business setup.

Reduced Renovation Costs

Renovating your new office space is not a cheap task – most businesses incur huge costs of buying materials, hiring a designer, and redecorating the space. The cost heavily depends on the nature of renovations, particularly the number of partitions made in the room. A coworking model means that the office adopts an open plan; therefore, you can reduce the costs tied to construction and decoration.

You can install more windows for natural light and minimize artificial lighting solutions. Additionally, the cost of installing heating and cooling systems is significantly reduced. The business can make a lot of savings on renovations and utilize the funds for purchasing office equipment or growing the business.

Sharing of Amenities

The number of expenses involved in starting, expanding, or moving your business to an office is seemingly endless. However, for a financially prudent business owner, a shared office makes a lot of financial sense. With a coworking space layout, you make significant savings on the purchase of equipment. Employees can share items such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines, telephone systems, and stationery more efficiently. This reduces the cost of purchasing business equipment, but it also results in savings on utility costs.

Informal Working Environment

In today’s business world, workers are opting for informal working environments, and as a result, many prefer to work from home. Working from home is flexible and liberating, but the distractions experienced can affect employees’ productivity. To encourage workers to report to work, you need to bring the informal environment to the office.

Shared workspaces adopt an open plan which creates an informal work setup. They create a flexible environment where workers can interact as they carry out their duties. Additionally, the solution also provides for free addressing where employees can choose a different working desk every day. This form of setup improves the performance of employees as compared to remote working.

Improved Collaboration

An office environment is made up of workers with different sets of skills and experience. These include IT experts, marketers, HR employees, and finance professionals. Most of the departments within a business setup are interactive. For instance, the HR and marketing team regularly work together in employing digital marketing strategies. Similarly, the digital team needs the help of IT experts in executing software solutions. A coworking space facilitates collaboration among employees due to constant interaction. It also enhances the flow of communication and improves team work.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Working from home or in an enclosed cubicle can result in low productivity in employees. Additionally, individuals who are going through stressful times tend to wallow in their problems when they are alone. The absence of walls and other barriers in a shared office promotes regular interaction between employees. It creates a happy and lively atmosphere that motivates and incentivizes workers. The community spirit also puts people in a happy mood and facilitates mental and physical health. Your employees will be more productive and efficient in a shared office as compared to when working from an isolated space.

Fewer Responsibilities

As a business owner, renting a facility for your business heaps numerous responsibilities on your shoulders. Besides running the business and acquiring talent, you also take care of other issues like office and carpet cleaning, equipment servicing, repair, and replacement, purchase of appliances, and much more. A shared office space relieves you of some of these duties. For instance, with fewer machines, servicing and maintenance needs are minimal.

Also, cleaning a shared office is easier and more affordable as compared to a partitioned facility. For instance, you may only need to get one carpet and fewer window treatments for the entire space as compared to the multiple ones required in a traditional office. With fewer responsibilities, you can reduce overhead costs, make significant savings, and grow the business.

Designing your office as a coworking facility can be a great way of making the much-needed savings when moving into a new facility. The affordability of this solution allows you to channel more resources into your business and realize growth. A shared office also enhances communication and collaboration between the employees and increases their productivity and efficiency.

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