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The transition from the desktop computer to the laptop has been nothing short of revolutionary. Use of the laptop has freed workers from the confines of an office and allowed businesses more flexibility in how they conduct their affairs. Yet every seeming advance comes with its own set of problems. This is also true with use of the laptop, which comes with some downsides.

Here's why:

Laptops Need a Steady Surface

Laptops are often used on kitchen counters, sofas, the floor and even beds. Besides taking up valuable space, using a laptop on any of these surfaces risks damage to the device. Kitchen counters can result in spills. Sofas and beds don’t provide enough stability. With soft surfaces, there’s also a likelihood that the device can overheat and be damaged. In addition, working with a laptop on your knees and thighs has resulted in people getting burns from their devices.

Ergonomic Issues

Working on a laptop in an easy chair, on a counter or even on the floor sets you up for potential health issues including back strain, eye strain, headaches and wrist and joint problems. Many of these can be eliminated by choosing the right laptop desk.

If you spend long hours staring at your laptop screen, you want to make sure you are working in a way that accommodates adjustments such as having the screen at eye level to avoid neck and eye strain and having the keypad at the right angle to avoid damage to your wrist joints.

At, we’ll help you select the right desk for your laptop, one that fits your needs for space, safety, comfort and versatility.

Let’s Talk Space:

Get out your tape measure and take down some dimensions. How much space can you spare for a work desk? If you live in a small apartment, you will obviously need a laptop desk designed for efficiency. We have a selection of desks that accommodate even the smallest of spaces.

If you have a dedicated room for a home office, we can help you choose a more traditional desk that can be configured to fit your room.

Standing Desks

A standing desk is a workable solution for small areas. We have standing desks that range in width from 47 inches to 60 inches. They range in height from 28 inches to 45 inches.

Besides saving space, a standing desk provides ergonomic benefits. Studies have shown that workers in offices tend to sit too much. A standing desk incorporates needed physical activity into your work day and helps avoid strain caused by a sedentary lifestyle. When you stand, you move more often and burn more calories. Because movement is increased with a standing desk, you use more of your muscles and reduce some of the stress on your neck, back and eyes.

Writing Desks

Writing desks fit most small spaces. They range in width from 48 inches to 60 inches. They are an excellent choice for adding elegance and simplicity to your home office. Most writing desks come with a single drawer for stocking small supplies and offer plenty of surface for your computer and lamp.

Laptop Stands

Laptop stands are designed with mobility in mind so they are a smart choice. They offer efficiency, come in a variety of sizes and can be moved from room to room if needed. Laptop stands can be customized to provide shelves for storage and adding a printer.

Traditional Desks for Laptops

If you have a separate room that you use for a home office you’ll find we have a desk to fit your needs. has U-shaped desks that offer generous surface space for your laptop as well as added storage capacity.

The L-shaped desks we stock make the best of your home office real estate by fitting into corners and can be used with or without a hutch for extra storage.

Our selection of pedestal desks also offer the advantage of storage space with stacked drawers sitting on both sides. Because they’re freestanding, they are ideal for large rooms. We offer them in a range of styles from sleek modern to traditional.

Call today at 800-933-0053 to talk with one of our experts or visit us online. We’re available 24/7 to help you work productively, efficiently and comfortably.

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