Separating Work and Personal Time When You Work at Home

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Working from home can be an ideal situation – and it’s a situation that more and more workers are finding themselves in. However, things can get a bit blurred when it comes to work life and your personal life if they are all happening in the same space. Here are some tips to help you keep your work life and your personal time separated when you work from home.

Set Your Work Hours: Have a set schedule, maybe with a few breaks peppered in. This is the easiest way to ensure that you’ll get enough work time in while still taking advantage of the flexible nature of working from home. Once your end of day rolls around, be sure to truly disconnect so that you can have downtime.

Show Up: Just because you don’t have to commute, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for work. Go about your usual routine; get dressed, eat breakfast, have your morning coffee – then get to work. Having a morning routine helps to keep you focused during work hours and will help set the tone for when it’s time to work versus when it’s time to relax.

Have a Designated Workspace: We understand that not everyone has room for a full-fledged home office. Still, you don’t need a door to have a dedicated workspace. You really just need an area in your home to go that is synonymous with “work” – a space that you can go to every day to get things done without distraction and a space that you can leave behind during your hours off. Try to avoid working from your bed or working from the couch: these areas are both associated with other activities. Be sure to check out our tips on how to create a functional home office to help you create the best designated workspace for you and your home.

Separating work and personal time isn’t easy, especially when you work from home, but following the tips above can help you achieve more of a desirable balance.

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