Warehouse Expansions for Our Ships Today Program

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In today's blog post we wanted to highlight our three warehouses and how that impacts you as a customer with our ships today program. In case you weren't aware, OfficeFurniture.com has three of its own warehouses located in Cleveland, Reno, and Atlanta.

Reno, NV services our western region customers. GA the southern part of the country and OH upper Midwest and east. Two of these facilities will be updating to larger facilities within the next year.

Why does this matter?

You may be wondering "why should I care?" Reasonably so.

The short answer is, is that this makes it possible for us to ship out products that are stocked in our warehouses on the EXACT DAY you place your order. Because we are in three different time zones we can service your orders by 3pm local time for same day shipment for SHIPS TODAY items. Of course, there are stipulations. This largely depends on your location in relation to the warehouses.

This also matters for you as a customer because your ships today products will spend less time on LTL freight trucks and in the FEDEX delivery system making them less likely to arrive damaged.

Interested in taking a look at our ships today products? Start here. If you'd like to know more about all of our shipping options, watch our helpful video below that'll walk you through the options.

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