6 Ways Your Office Can Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is April 22, which is just a short time away. And more and more, it’s not just individuals who take part in this celebration. Big and small companies want to be involved, too. If you’d like to celebrate Earth Day in your office, it’s actually pretty easy to do. Most steps that people can take to be more earth conscious are quite easy. If you’re looking for some office Earth Day ideas, here are six of them to get you started.

1. Watch Your Paper Consumption

According to Inc.com, companies in the U.S. use up over 20 million tons of paper annually. One simple way to encourage your office personnel to use less paper is to encourage email usage. Could that office memo be sent by email? If yes, then send it that way. Could you have your clients sign contracts digitally instead of on paper? If so, then do that. You can store documents on the Cloud on sites like Google Drive or DropBox to cut down on paper usage as well.

2. Don’t Burn the Lights

Grandma was right when she suggested that it would save money to turn off the lights. If that tactic works at home, why not extend it to the office environment? Why not encourage your team to read by daylight if your office environment allows for it? And while you’re at it, why not install lights and other electronic equipment that shut off automatically when someone hasn’t been in that room and/ or used that piece of equipment after a certain number of minutes? This step alone could save a lot of energy.

3. Set Up Office Carpool Programs

Most people would probably like to use their car less than they already do. If you know more than one person in your office who’d like to save wear-and-tear on their cars AND do something good for the Earth, why not set up a carpooling program? Get someone to organize the program by sending around an email about it. You can set up an editable document via Google Drive for people to sign up.

You can also encourage folks in the office to bike or walk to work or to take the bus. In some cities, like Germany’s Bremen, carshare programs also include bikeshare and transit memberships. Memberships like these allow members to access carshare, bikeshare, and public transportation on one electronic card or fob. If you’d like to get your office mates involved in something like this, try inviting your local carshare representative to come and give a talk at your office. Then, offer incentives for employees who take advantage of this type of program.

4. Make Recycling Easy

One simple way to encourage recycling in your office environment is to set up recycling bins right next to the office trash cans. Have separate containers for class, plastic, and cardboard.

Additionally, ask people to dump the office’s coffeepot’s coffee grounds in a special bin. Your office gardeners will thank you for the nutritious compost for their gardens, and the Earth will thank you for taking good care of her.

5. Get Into the Volunteer Spirit

Does your city have a greenbelt? Or a local lake or river? Or a beautiful park system? Why not see if there is some sort of program that allows people to volunteer to clean up those areas? If such a program doesn’t exist, create a program for your office and encourage your employees to sign up.

If you’d like to be involved in something larger, Great Forest suggests taking part in programs like Earth Hour. Programs like these not only benefit the Earth but they also help your team feel like they belong to their community.

6. Have a Tree-Planting Event

iOffice Corp reminds Earth Day enthusiasts to think practically. The Earth benefits from having trees and plants. One easy way to get your office involved in the Earth Day celebration is to plant a tree. Over two million trees get cut down every year, thus reducing the oxygen in the atmosphere. Trees and other plants create oxygen. They also make the air cleaner. If you have the space for a tree on your office grounds, plant one. If not, encourage people to bring plants to work.

Final Thoughts

Many people don’t take part in Earth Day celebrations because they believe that they have to make some major life changes in order to do so. However, as this list shows, there are many practical ways to celebrate Earth Day. From carpooling to tree-planting, there is an Earth Day activity that’s just right for you and your crew. These activities ask for people to make small changes to things that they already do each day. Over time, these little steps add up to make the Earth a cleaner, healthier place.

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