Spring Color Forecast

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Spring is quickly approaching – a fact that we’re excited about for many reasons. While the temperatures (hopefully) rise and the days get longer, it’s also the perfect time for spring cleaning and for refreshing your space. Longing to make some updates to your own office decor, but wondering about color and style? We’re here to help with our spring color forecast for 2016.

Pale Pinks

It’s no secret that pale pinks are all the rage, especially with Pantone naming Rose Quartz as one of its two colors of the year. While still feminine, these softer tones are more muted than their brighter counterparts and create more of a calming effect. Soft pinks can help you warm up any office space – whether you’re searching for something to complement a rustic office or a sleekly modern meeting room.

Pale Blues

Pantone’s other color of the year, Serenity, is a soft blue hue. We’ve seen this color and other lighter shades of blue infused into many rooms across the spectrum of interior design. Blue has always been known as a calming, yet confidence inspiring tone, making it ideal for many office spaces.

Gem Tones

While gem tones have had a lasting popularity, and are especially favored by those looking to make a bold statement in their decor, emerald and dark, regal purples are especially trendy this year. These colors when used separately to complement more neutral palettes, pack a burst of colorful energy that can be nice to have in an office setting.

Orange Infusion

Orange shades, such as coral and peach, are also being widely used to bring a cheerfulness and playfulness to any room. While especially popular in living room settings and in the world of fashion, these colors also have a lasting impact in the office.

For more color inspiration for your office, we highly recommend taking a look at Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Spring 2016. They are the leaders in color after all.

Happy decorating!

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