Summer Activity Ideas for the Office

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The weather is nice. The birds are chirping. The grill smells are flowing...What's not to love about summer? Not only are those a few of the perks of the summer months, but it also gives you a great opportunity to connect better with your teammates. But what are some things you can do? Check out some of our own company efforts below to get the wheels turning.

A Classic Game of Kickball

Ahhhh...kickball. Brings me back to some of my fondest childhood memories hanging out with the neighborhood kids playing a good ol' game of kickball at one of the local playgrounds.

Here at, we take our kickball games seriously. There is even a trophy to be had :)

Does your company host any type of tournament or sporting event? If not, now is the time to start thinking about incorporating something like this for next summer's activities!


Whether it be taking advantage of an existing volunteer relationship your company already has, or building a new one, the summer is a great time to pull out the extra stops when it comes to making the time to help out your local community.

Creating Your Own Company Picnic or "Fest"

Who really needs a reason to celebrate? The summer is the perfect time to organize your own company get together or "festival". Not only is it a great way to bring employees and teams together, but it's also a nice way for employees to spend quality time with their family and co-workers - the two groups of people we tend to spend most of our time with.

This past July we hosted our very own family picnic / beer garden. Or, as we'd like to think, our own version of Germanfest ;)

Have any other ideas or fun things that you have done for summer get togethers at work? Leave a comment below.

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