Tips on Eating Healthy in the Office

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Eating healthy while at the office can be a on-going challenge. Busy workdays involving people and projects competing for your time can make it difficult to eat healthy on a consistent basis. Below are some tips on ways to eat healthy while in the office.

Keep healthy snacks at your desk - To avoid overeating at lunch, or during your next meal, try to keep a few healthy snacks at your desk. That way, when you run low on time to eat lunch, you have a snack you can grab to avoid feeling starved before your next meal. It'll also make you less likely to go to the vending machine for a bag of chips or a candy bar. Some healthy and easy on-the-go snacks to consider are trail mix, fruit and yogurt.

Bring leftovers from home - Creating a weekly meal plan will really help you plan your meals ahead of time, giving you an opportunity to make smarter meal choices and bring some of the leftovers for your office lunch. It'll also save you some money too!

Drink water - More often than not, people mistake thirst for hunger. We all know that water is good for you and you should drink it everyday, but having it available will also make you less inclined to overeat. Consider bringing a water bottle from home that you can fill up as needed.

Set aside time for lunch and eat snacks throughout the day - Our work day can sometimes take up our lunch hour if we don't make it a mandatory part of our schedule, which only leads us to being cranky and overeating at our next meal. Make sure to set aside time for lunch each day and even a time to eat a snack or two. It will keep you fuller longer leaving you less inclined to eat other sugary snacks. And, it'll make you a happier co-worker ;)

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