5 Tips on Surviving Your Office Holiday Party

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Now that we're heading into December, office holiday party invitations are starting to go out and everyone will be scrambling to figure out what they'll wear and who they'll go with. While you're spending time prepping for your company's holiday party this year, don't forget about the all-important party itself.

We've compiled five tips below to keep in mind for your next holiday party so you can leave the party with just as much dignity as you had when you arrived!

1.) Ask About the Dress Code

Nothing shows that you didn't read the company invitation than not aligning with the dress code established. If there is no mention of the dress code, make sure to ask ahead of time. It'll make you look a lot better than if you showed up in casual clothes when it was actually business casual. Oops!

2.) Don't Drink Excessively

This goes without saying, but yet every year there is inevitably someone who doesn't know how to set boundaries when it comes to drinking with their colleagues. While it may not be realistic to say "don't drink at all", make sure to know your limits and have your guest or a work friend keep you accountable and save yourself from possible embarrassment and unprofessional behavior.

3.) Don't Skip the Party

While it may be tempting to say that you have "better things to do" than go to the office holiday party, it doesn't serve your career with the company well if you repeatedly skip out every year. It's worth your time if you want to stay with the company for a good length of time and want a reputation of being an active part of the organization's traditions and events.

4.) Meet People You Don't Know

Office holiday parties are great opportunities to meet co-workers you've never met before or have had the time to formally introduce yourself to. This is a perfect time to do just that and get to know more of the people within your company and maybe even make some new friends!

5.) Don't Talk Politics or Religion

There's a few things that everyone knows that you should never talk about with family members or at parties, and politics and religion are two of those that top the list. No one should have to get in the middle of a heated argument when they're trying to have a jolly ol' time.

That wraps up our top five office holiday party tips. Is there anything we missed? What would you add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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