Transforming Your Home Office Into a Guest Bedroom

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Trying to do office work in a home can be difficult if you do not have space that is especially designated for that purpose. There comes a time when you realize that something has to be done if you are to do your work efficiently and timely. This has brought about guest room office ideas.

If you have a third bedroom in your house, it is an excellent location to convert into an office. Changes will have to be made and one often faces the problem of what to do with the bed, which takes up a great deal of room. If you wish to have a bedroom office combo, this problem can be solved by the use of a Wall Bed Kit.

Wall Bed Kits, often called Murphy Beds, are available in twin, twin XL, full, and queen size and are designed to fold into an attractive cabinet, complete with shelves and storage space. Beautifully designed, it is ideal for overnight guests, while easily disposed of during the day.

A Wall Bed Kit provides space that is needed in an office during the day as well as providing extra space in which to put special books or other items. It is made of the highest quality materials and eliminates the need for a spare room when there are visitors.

The Pur Collection by Bestar has excellent bed kits for anyone contemplating changing a bedroom into an office. It has an easy to use safe opening and closing dual piston system and contains a special Euroslat mattress, which provides first-rate body support. Imagine the surprise of a guest when you pull down this beautiful bed that will provide a night of supreme comfort.

The hutch is an important part of a Wall Bed Kit. With the large selection of modern styles and configurations available, you will be able to choose one that will match the décor of the room. In addition there are options on doors, drawers and colors.

A few options available:

  • Top Hutch
  • No Hutch
  • 2 Side Hutches
  • Vertical or Horizontal bed
  • Single/twin extra-long bed
  • Double/full extra-long bed

When changing a bedroom into an office, there are many guest room-office ideas to consider. Once the bed problem is taken care of, there is the matter of a dresser and other items that are usually found in a bedroom. A spare bedroom does not, as a rule need a dresser, closet or other articles. This makes it easy to clean out the room quickly to prepare it for the office.

Making a drawing of the room and deciding where things should be located is an excellent way to start when re-locating your office. Once the bedroom is cleaned out it will be easy to place your desk, filing cabinet and other equipment in a convenient location.

Before starting the move, it is time to begin your search for a good Wall Bed Kit that will provide more office space while being available when needed. A good place to look for Wall Bed Kits can be found under our selection of bedroom furniture.

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