What is Contract Furniture?

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Have you ever heard of the term "contract furniture" and wondered what that meant exactly? There are multiple ways this term is used in the furniture industry and can get someone easily confused. Below, we've broken down the different ways the term is used and what they mean.

Commercial Grade Furniture

Commercial furniture, also referred to as contract furniture, is any type of furniture that is used for commercial purposes. That could be a chair, sofa, or anything in between. Hotels, offices, airports, corporations and more are some of the top purchasers of contract furniture.

Commercial furniture is made to meet the demands of commercial furniture use. Commercial furniture differs from standard household furniture due to the frequency of use and the furniture compliance requirements such as the Crib 5 regulation imposed on businesses and other entities. The Crib 5 regulation requires certain entities such as schools, restaurants and offices to comply with Crib 5 fire safety standards. This includes fire-resistant fabric and upholstery materials.

Commercial furniture also differs from household furniture by being a bit more durable to withstand excessive use. Due to the high quality construction required, contract furniture tends to come a higher price, but lasts a lot longer than most standard furniture.

Aligned Dealer

Another way the term "contract furniture" is used is to describe furniture that is sold exclusively to certain dealers. These dealers are also referred to as aligned furniture dealers who sell contract furniture. Meaning, the furniture manufacturer only sells their product to certain vendors commonly referred to as an "aligned furniture dealer".

At OfficeFurniture.com, we are known as a mid-market furniture company, which means we work with a lot of vendors to make our furniture accessible to homeowners and businesses and don't work too much with aligned dealers to sell their exclusive products. We do, however, carry some commercial "contract" furniture to meet the needs of our customers including hotels, businesses, medical offices and more.

If you have specific questions on our contract furniture, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-933-0053.

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