Tip of the Week: Considerations for a Home Office Desk

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When purchasing a home office desk, it is very important to consider how the desk will be used now and in the future. Homeowners who simply use a home office to pay bills and perform other household functions may have very different needs than homeowners who operate a business from their house. For homeowners performing only basic household functions, simple furnishings should do. Look for a home office desk that is large enough to hold a personal computer and a printer.

Homeowners operating a business from the home office may require a more elaborate home office desk. The additional features of the desk will depend on the nature of the business. However, some common features which may be required include additional desk space for writing, built-in lighting, built-in storage and shelving. There may also be a need for a desk which will be large enough to hold other pieces of equipment such as telephones, fax machines or other computer components. Whether a homeowner is purchasing a desk for personal or business use, it is important to consider the present and future uses of the desk to get the most value out of your desk.

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