Cleaning and Caring for Wood Veneer

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As wood veneer contains real wood, it requires some extra effort to care for and to protect it, especially when compared to factory-made materials like laminate. Even with having such upkeep requirements, there are many benefits to having wood veneer furnishings. Rich, real wood grains found in wood veneer simply cannot be topped, making it ideal for those who crave the true look and feel of wood. You can see what we mean by taking a look at these new collections from Emery Park.

Read on for care tips when it comes to wood veneer like that of the Bordeaux Collection and the Highland Collection.

Cleaning Veneer

Daily Protection

In order to fend off scratches, dents, water marks and other damages, adding a desk pad or some sort of protective surface to a wood veneer desk is recommended. Ordering a glass top for the desk is one way to still have the beautiful wood grains showcased, while simultaneously protecting them from any damaging factors.

Cleaning and Upkeep

When it comes to cleaning your wood veneer desk or other casegoods, such as bookcases or credenzas, warm water and mild soap should usually do the trick – you’ll want to wipe it down with a lint-free, dry cloth straight away, though. You will also want to be sure to consult the manufacturer of your furnishing for specific cleaning instructions. Many manufacturers have detailed specifications about how to clean their products for the best results.

What You Should Avoid

You won’t want to use any kind of aerosol cleaners on a wood veneer furnishing. Avoid anything containing harsh materials and steer clear of any polishes, oil-based polishes, and wax-based polishes.

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