Defining Desk Returns
By Rachel Howe on Thursday, April 14, 2016

Have you heard of the term desk return and wondered what exactly that it is? Put simply, a desk return refers to the u-shaped or l-shaped desk that attaches to the main desk. You may have heard someone reference a "left" or "right" return and wondered what they were talking about. A left or right return is determined solely on its location in relation to the main desk.

Desk Return Types

Selecting a desk return should be based on personal preference and the space you have available for your desk. A left or right return may work better in certain instances where the dimensions of your room are constrained. One other factor to consider is functionality. Certain people may find that they prefer a return that is in line with their dominate hand. It's also a good idea to think about who else may be using the desk and their individual preferences.

Below is a short video we've put together that gives an overview about desk returns:


If you're interested in shopping our desks with a left or right return, you can view our selection of l-shaped desks here, or shop u-shaped desks here.

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